Watermelon supplements are great for obese mice

Powdered watermelon supplements can be a great help in counteracting the harmful effects of obesity and an unhealthy diet in general, at least in mice according to a new study published in the Journal of Nutrition and carried out by researchers at Oregon State University.

Researcher Neil Shay, Professor of Food Science at the College of Agricultural Sciences at the University of Oregon, carried out several experiments on male mice with an age of 10 weeks. He fed the rodents for a period of 10 weeks on a high-fat diet. At the same time he selected another control group whose mice were fed the same fat diet but without the addition of supplements.

In fact, the researcher also gave mice fed a high-fat diet with watermelon supplements in the form of powder obtained from a freeze-drying process. The amount supplied to the mice was equivalent to a typical portion and a half of water melon for a human being every day.

The researchers then analyzed various body data from the animals at both the beginning and end of the experiment and found that the mice given the powdered supplement showed an increase in beneficial bacteria and reduced blood glucose levels, an effect that the researcher himself described in the press release as significant compared to mice in the control group.

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